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- Desco has been a leader in providing innovative solutions for the control of ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE (ESD) in industrial and office environments for more than a decade. Desco distributors offer a complete systems approach and will assist you in arranging for complete site surveys and training seminars.

Datasheet Image Part Number Manufacturers Description View

35457 Desco FLX HSE 50MM(PER METER) SOLO/DUO Inquiry

62706 Desco SAM SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWSVER 5.02 Inquiry

81250 Desco TAPE SHIELDING.GRID 118FT 1/2" Inquiry

81253 Desco TAPE SHIELDING.GRID 118FT 2" Inquiry

47016 Desco TAPE SHIELDING GRID 118FT. 1/2" Inquiry

47017 Desco TAPE SHIELDING GRID 118FT 3/4" Inquiry

81251 Desco TAPE SHIELDING.GRID 118FT 3/4" Inquiry

47018 Desco TAPE SHIELDING GRID 118 FT 1" Inquiry

81252 Desco TAPE SHIELDING GRID 118FT 1" Inquiry