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- A member of the Kyocera Group since 1990, AVX is also an authorized supplier for Kyocera Electronic Devices. Established in 1959, and based in Kyoto, Japan, the Kyocera Corporation is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of connectors, capacitors, ceramic resonators, surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, duplexers, crystal oscillators, and timing devices.

Datasheet Image Part Number Manufacturers Description View

PSLE382E-R44 AVX Corp/Kyocera Corp SENSOR SHOCK 25 DEGREE SMD Inquiry

KR3225Y32768EAW30TAA AVX Corp/Kyocera Corp IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C SMD Inquiry

048069000000800+ AVX Corp/Kyocera Corp CONN SHIELD LOCK .2MM Inquiry

SD25-0836R9UBQ1 AVX Corp/Kyocera Corp DUPLEXER SAW 836MHZ SMD Inquiry

SD25-0897R9UBQ1 AVX Corp/Kyocera Corp DUPLEXER SAW 897MHZ SMD Inquiry

SD25-1950R9UBQ1 AVX Corp/Kyocera Corp DUPLEXER SAW 1950MHZ SMD Inquiry