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Elna America

- Elna America, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elna Company, Ltd., Yokohama, Japan) is one of the world’s largest multi-national leaders in the design and manufacturing of aluminum electrolytic capacitors; tantalum solid-state electrolytic capacitors, and electric double layer capacitors.

Elna has gained a world-wide reputation for superior product quality, customer service & support, and pioneering leadership in the development of new technologies.

Founded in 1937, Elna capacitors are preferred and specified by many of the world’s leading manufacturers whose design, engineering, and purchasing professionals recognize the measurable advantages of both quality and economy that exists in every Elna product. Elna's factories have achieved ISO-9001, ISO-14001, QS-9000, & TS-16949 approvals.

Elna technologies support audio, video, automotive, multimedia, manufacturing equipment, and many other markets in applications such as personal computers, digital cameras, cellular telephones, electronic office equipment, automotive control components, and GPS navigation systems to name a few.

Datasheet Image Part Number Manufacturers Description View

RVS-16V100MD55U-R Elna America CAP 10UF 16V SMD Inquiry

RVS-50V010MD55U-R Elna America CAP 1.0UF 50V SMD Inquiry

RE3-63V4R7ME3#-T58 Elna America CAP 4.7UF 63V RADIAL Inquiry

RV2-35V4R7MU-R Elna America CAP 4.7UF 35V SMD Inquiry

RE3-25V101MF3# Elna America CAP 100UF 25V RADIAL Inquiry

RVS-35V220MF55U-R Elna America CAP 22UF 35V SMD Inquiry

RVS-16V470MF55U-R Elna America CAP 47UF 16V SMD Inquiry

RVS-6V101MF55U-R Elna America CAP 100UF 6.3V SMD Inquiry

RV-63V101MH10UQ-R2 Elna America CAP 100UF 63V SMD Inquiry

RVJ-16V471MH10U-R Elna America CAP 470UF 16V SMD Inquiry

RVJ-100V220MH10U-R Elna America CAP 22UF 100V SMD Inquiry

RVJ-6V471MH10U-R Elna America CAP 470UF 6.3V SMD Inquiry

RVJ-50V470MG10U-R Elna America CAP 47UF 50V SMD Inquiry

RE3-35V101KF3#-T2 Elna America CAP 100UF 35V RADIAL Inquiry

RV-16V101MG68U-R Elna America CAP 100UF 16V SMD Inquiry

RTK-35V101MH11GU-RRD Elna America CAP 100UF 35V SMD Inquiry

RTK-35V151MH11U-R2 Elna America CAP 150UF 35V SMD Inquiry

RTK-35V470MG10U-R2 Elna America CAP 47UF 35V SMD Inquiry

RTJ-16V331MH11U-R2 Elna America CAP 330UF 16V SMD Inquiry

RE3-35V222MJ6# Elna America CAP 2200UF 35V RADIAL Inquiry

RYK-35V221MG5TT-FL Elna America CAP 220UF 35V SMD Inquiry

RYK-16V471MG5TT-FL Elna America CAP 470UF 16V SMD Inquiry

RJ4-450V220MJ6# Elna America CAP 22UF 450V RADIAL Inquiry

DZN-2R5D155H3T Elna America CAP SUPER 1.5F 2.5V RADIAL Inquiry

RJ4-450V470MJ8# Elna America CAP 47UF 450V RADIAL Inquiry

DZN-2R5D335H5T Elna America CAP SUPER 3.3F 2.5V RADIAL Inquiry

DZN-2R5D605H7T Elna America CAP SUPER 6F 2.5V RADIAL Inquiry