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to China  - 14661650093 9275ecfe69 c 2 - China’s Semiconductor Industry, Discrete Devices And Dreams Of Glory – Eus-1001 Tester Manufacturer
by orangen im meer

China’s semiconductor discrete devices and contribution of industry, of a glorious career

As one of the two branches of the semiconductor industry, our Discrete Semiconductor Devices industry development process from scratch, from small to large development process, from the last century 50’s start-up to 70 years of growth, from 80 years of reform and opening up to 90 years after the comprehensive development of each step of a coalescence of numerous discrete devices industry’s hard work and sweat. I am 68 years of school, the first 742 plants into the state-run school is the semiconductor discrete devices, when the socialist atmosphere of great collaboration, I and three other colleagues to Shanghai to study the visual components, Wuchang put tubes 3DA97 product technology and processes, went to Chengdu to study the switch 970 plants 3DK2, 3DK7 product technology and process, and we would have learned the technical unreservedly to pass on to other brothers and manufacturers, which develop the cooperative spirit of selfless dedication fore generation. Since the 90s of last century, with a large international production transfer and large-scale entry of transnational corporations, China’s manufacturing base show the status of all devices so that Taiwan‘s semiconductor industry in terms of discrete production scale, production technology, degree of automation, as well as the variety of specifications are has made considerable progress in increasing product variety size, quality improved expansion in exports. The commissioning of new businesses, old businesses and rolling development and expansion of economies of scale transformation, thus promoting the separation of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, comprehensive development of the device, forming a relatively complete product range, the continuous expansion of production capacity, increasing level of technology industrial system.

Beginning of the 21st century, China’s accession to WTO, China’s Semiconductor Discrete Devices industry has brought new development opportunities, but also so that the entire industry is facing severe challenges to participate in international competition. With the rapid development of China’s IT industry, our Discrete Semiconductor Devices industry also maintained a high-speed development; foreign-invested enterprises, especially large multinational companies set up factories in China, not only promoted China’s semiconductor industry, the development of discrete devices, but also promoted the growth of import and export trade .

60 years of glorious history, achievements of China’s discrete device industry in the global semiconductor manufacturing base status. China has become the largest producer of semiconductor discrete devices, but also semiconductor discrete devices consumer. Than 20 years, the development of semiconductor discrete devices produced double-digit annual growth rate remained at a level (referring to sales). Although China’s discrete device market competition is still very much represented by Japanese companies take advantage of foreign firms, domestic firms are catching up. This also demonstrates that the separation of components from semiconductor-producing countries to the production of power semiconductor discrete devices there are many way to go.

Discrete devices in China in 2008 sales benefited from one of the major highlights of the major global electronic machine for energy-saving, environmental protection and the demand is growing, in this regard led to growth in demand for products, discrete devices, it also led to the rapid market product structure upgrade. Substantial growth in sales in the LED industry is still driven by an increase of 12.3%, in the diode, triode, when growth is relatively stable, but with MOSFET and IGBT-based power transistors are widely used in PC, notebook computers, computer power accessories, LCD TV, etc. may be raised. Discrete devices in China in 2008 production reached 246.113 billion, down 1.1%; in 2008 sales in China reached 93.78 billion yuan discrete devices, an increase of 12.3%.

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