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IGBT tight supply, delivery 12 to 20 weeks!

IGBT tight supply, delivery 12 to 20 weeks!!

Upstream supply nervous conduction Will consider adding production line.

"Personal learned that a lot of manufacturers in the IGBT supply tension, even price.Thanks to the good market forecast mechanism and flexible production line adjustment, the current Toshiba IEGT products basic balance between supply and demand.IEGT is pressure up to 4 kv power electronics device IGBT series.Follow-up with the IEGT in domestic applications to further expand, does not exclude the Toshiba will consider adding production line.

International electronic information in the previous report, intelligent power module IPM, prices have risen over the past general intelligent power module $6 - $14, now, has soared to $12 - $18 .In addition, small power MOSFET do circuit protection also have some products in short supply.With the outbreak of the new energy vehicles, charging pile market, power semiconductor usher in a golden development.At the same time, the supply of industrial chain upstream increasingly strained.MiaoHanJie argues that this year the market supply and demand imbalance is partly due to the semiconductor wafer caused by the global supply chain tension.If this reason not moderate recently, the market environment is likely to remain dynamic adjustment for a period of time.Toshiba IEGT is the core power device, and the customer is a long-term strategic cooperative relations, so from the viewpoint of mutually beneficial long-term cooperation at present as far as possible to maintain price stability, Toshiba, repeat the general market fluctuations internal digestion, reduce the adverse impact to the customer.

According to introducing, Toshiba IEGT is widely used in Japan, Europe, the United States, India, Africa, large equipment, engineering.In China at present is mainly used in flexible direct current transmission, motor drive (rail traction, industrial frequency conversion), etc.Is flexible HVDC project, the demand of the impulse type, dosage of individual projects but great project requirements is the sudden type is not stable;Motor drive model, a steady demand.In general, the motor drive is one of the traditional market, maintain the stability of the small growth;Flexible HVDC is the potential of emerging markets, with a substantial increase.