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HELLA Aglaia and NXP open visual platform for automated driving safety.

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3 pillars: expanding, function security, artificial intelligence is ready Open platform will industry best sensors and software technology combine together, to meet the requirements of automatic driving at all levels.

HELLA Aglaia and NXP open visual platform for automated driving safety.Is expected in 2018 to join the artificial intelligence (AI).HELLA Aglaia ADAS platform USES the boon of pu S32 and i.M X processor, which can realize safe, extensible and comprehensive NCAP before visual function, support OEM ADAS platform deployed to production cars.Cooperation of both sides is the next step will be automatically added to the artificial intelligence innovation driving modular platform.This will provide unprecedented for system integrators and automobile manufacturers design flexibility, at the same time, to ensure strict ASIL requirements.

Nowadays many visual platform on the market is closed, proprietary, limits the further integration of the software, the "lock" the innovation capacity of system integrators and automobile manufacturers, so that can not be on the market the best combining sensor technology and software resources.
HELLA grace and NXP in cooperation and joint development, firmly believe that based on the platform of cameras must be open and safe, in order to realize the function and grade 3 to grade NCAP autopilot.

Time to market

Aglaia very much honoured to have the grace of pu i.MX application processor and powerful microprocessors to join Aglaia S32V visual processing visual software support the platform of the list.The two solutions according to the demand of system integrators and OEM manufacturers continue to expand, the cover of today's most driving auxiliary function.Including traffic sign recognition, lane departure detection, adaptive headlights, pedestrian and vehicle detection and supporting tools and software.ASIL S32V through software redundancy, into the hardware - B and ASIL - the security of the C.S32V samples now supply, October 30, 2017 full supply.If you need more information, please visit www.hkchipsource.com


NXP will be released in 2018, a new generation of visual processor, provides the powerful computation ability for artificial intelligence, so as to realize the automatic driving function of more complex, such as pixels classification and semantic path search and vehicle positioning function.