Murata company introduced the industry's most thin base plate embedded single chip capacitor

May 16, 2018

    Murata company GRU helped series, is the industry's most thin substrate embedded single chip capacitor.New 0402 capacity, the use of advanced ceramic technology, the size of only 1.0 mm x 0.5 mm x0.15 mm, built into the basal, in integrated circuit (IC) and other electronic products.

    GRU helped series development with Murata company leading the dielectric materials knowledge to achieve the industry the lowest (including 150 m height, formed by complex external electrode, in order to reduce the thickness of the element.Because the capacitance design installation within the PCB substrate, also by reducing the wiring inductance to improve equipment performance

    GRU helped series capacitance value is 100, 1 nf and 0.1 pf (including F.0402 other advantages including 6.3 Vdc capacitor to the size of the rated voltage and X5R dielectric.GRU helped series of copper plated terminals connected by copper, because can withstand the production process and no polarity, thus providing reliable connection.The device can provide automatic pressure half of insert disc packaging, affordable working temperature range is - 55 ~ + 85 ° C.

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