DIODES company push out high efficiency and high accuracy of linear LED controller.

May 16, 2018

DIODES  company push out high efficiency and high accuracy of linear LED controller.

DIODES  company push out  AL5814, AL5817, AL5815 and AL5816 linear LED controller, provide article LED lights with adjustable light and adjustable drive current, efficiency is as high as above 80%.AL58xx series provide material list (BOM) low cost solution, applicable to the various products in the field of commercial and industrial applications, including billboards, instruments, lighting, electrical appliances interior lighting, architectural details lighting and intelligent lighting equipment in general.

These devices input range of 4.5 V and 60 V, no inductance, can keep good EMI performance, make system integration easier.In addition, compared with other design, external power transistor can make the internal power consumption to a minimum.AL58xx series can provide up to 15 ma of current to external mosfets or bipolar transistor, to drive the leds.LED drive current by an external resistor configuration, with 4% of the reference voltage accuracy, and good temperature stability.Not only that, AL5815 and AL5816 device support PWM dimming function, AL5814 and AL5817 device supports both analog and PWM dimming function.

Protection functions include over temperature protection and input under-voltage lockout.AL5814 and using AL5817 device also VFAULT feet to provide "LED drive circuit protection function, and the LED heat backflow protection.

AL58xx series linear controller provides good EMI performance, and wide operating temperature range (to 40 ° C to + 105 ° C) to make it suitable for bad environment.

Currently AL58xx series the SOT - 25 and hot strengthening MSOP-8EP  encapsulation

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