Maxim's latest class D digital speakers, amplifier, promote the industry's most efficient and more compact plug and play.

May 17, 2018

Maxim's latest class D digital speakers, amplifier, promote the industry's most efficient and more compact plug and play.

Maxim announced MAX98357 and MAX98358 digital input class D audio power amplifier, help the designer to cost-effective implementation is compact, high efficiency, plug and play.In addition to the shape, with a small size devices can be implemented in class D amplifier efficiency 3.2 W class AB amplifier, gain excellent high-fidelity sound, suitable for various applications.



MAX98357 pulse code modulation (PCM) and MAX98358 pulse density modulation (PDM) give full play to the Maxim pin plug-and-play speaker amplifier arrangement of flexible advantage.Compared with the typical analog amplifier solutions, sharply reduce the amount of components, thereby substantially decrease the size of package.Because the majority of users to control the volume Numbers upward way, these features enable users to make full use of the Maxim of cost-effective wafer level packaging (WLP), without expensive PCB VIA.In order to achieve the excellent sound quality, digital input device adopts high noise ability, and has high shake limit arouses (solutions than the competition at least 8 db).Device also provides excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression, allows the use of long term connection speakers, without an external filter.In addition, the device provides the industry with the highest efficiency of class D.

The main advantage:

1:Excellent sound quality, similar products dynamic range (103.5 dB), highest industry best total harmonic distortion (THD) and noise (0.013%), excellent clicking/chip, the tapping inhibition (66 DBV exit off), to provide comprehensive clicking/chip, the tapping suppression circuit.

2:Cost-effective: WLP wrap without expensive PCB VIA;Most applications need only an external components (bypass capacitors), single power supply;Competition program requires at least two external components and the IVA and two way power supply voltage.

3:Plug and play: no programming, a single power supply, can automatically configure 35 different clocks and 128 kinds of digital audio formats.

4:Structure compact: the small package size (1.93 was WLP);Provides three gain, easy connection

5:Industry the highest efficiency of the class D amplifier: compared to the competition, can provide up to 92% efficiency


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